WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance and Help Services

Hiring a maintenance service agency is always one of the great things as no one can manage everything by themself and if they do it creates something lacks in concentrating their business, our company will help you run a smooth business by focusing on what matters. We maintaine your site, manages all of your problems like security breaches, slow page load, reduced search engine ranking, and get backup at regular basis that help you from preventing huge loss.

WordPress maintenance services

Instant Help

Get instant help when you need it, our team will help 24x7.

Monthly Reporting

A report that shows everything that we have worked on your website. All about Updates, Performance, Backups, Google analytics, security etc.

Updated Regularly

Updation on regular basis. Your website will be updated and managed conflict checks.


We helps in preventing Malware functioning on your website. Our team is proactive and checks regularly for malware.

Multisite Support

We also have multisite support option that helps you to develop or maintain multiple site under on roof.

WordPress Optimization

We do optimization of your WordPress website by wrapping up spam comments and doing post revision as it increases space in database that slowes your website.

Managing Updates

We do manage all WordPress core updates, theme and Plugins on regular basis. This helps you to save your time.

Website Backups

Daily website backups to prevent data loss and protection from hackings.

SEO Audits

Continuous track on keyword ranking. Finding your competitors and ranking higher from them on google ranking.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor the uptime of your site to and act immediately if their will be any downtime.

Blacklist Monitoring

Your site will be checked regularly to ensure that your site won't be blacklisted by Google.

Custom Changes

We do custom changes that will be need to maintain your website on regular basis.